This project has multiple uses for me. First, my husband makes wine and mead. He actually is making this mead, and it is not ready yet to be bottled. What you see in the bottle, is a mixture of tea, not mead for the purpose of photography. I always make his labels. He is not even licensed to sell, but we give our "brew" as gifts. And, the second reason we made this mock-up, is I am taking a web development class with Albany Can Code, and our final project is a group website project on Github (My husband is taking the class with me and is also in my group). I am the only real designer in our group, as far as graphics or illustration. My husband, Howard Raver, is a photographer, and took the bottle shot. But, I am using the photograph for our group project. I have changed his initials of HR, for vanity's sake, to now be HR = Hudson River Mead Company for our fake website, since there are other people in our group, and it would just be weird to make the site about Howard Raver's Mead.

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